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Short term exchange of group of pupils

May 2022

Labworks about artisanal soap and cream with sustainable criteria
Cultural discoveries from past and present
Traditionnal art, dance and chants

C4-C7 Exchange of group of pupils: Autres projets

This last Exchange of group of pupils  event enabled the teams of the three schools to end the project.

Main objective: Test new labworks created in Turkey


Discovery of the cultural wealth around Canakkale.

Visit of the hinterland of Canakkale, Apollon Smitheion Temple, 

Babakale, Assos, traditional soap making workshop, Troy and museum.


About sustainabilty in the school environment

Students of the three schools tested new labworks about soap in mixed teams (italian, turkish and french students and teachers) : labworks about cream soap, labworks about soap with aromatic oil.

C4-C7 Exchange of group of pupils: Autres projets
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